Honestly, I’m a liar

by BreakNeckPrincess

Clean white sheets

Apple scented shampoo

A laugh that’s full and loud

That’s me, when i’m with you

A sad, nostalgic smile

Hair scraped back in to a bun

Finger nails bitten down

Missed calls from my mum

My thoughts are interrupted

by your lazy, knowing smile.

You pry a book from my hands

you steal kisses for a while

A gentle distraction

your hands, your  jaw, your lips

I think i could be happy,

if this is truly how it is

My nightmares remind me

of the bruises i have bear

I wake and i find you

in sleep, unaware

Do you know

how heavy my heart is?

Your touch lingers

everywhere else

I can’t find strength to tell you

My laughter has an echo

There’s someone just like me

Hidden in my shadow

Through my fault

I can’t reach her

Maybe you can fill

The emptiness she left