by BreakNeckPrincess

I’m sitting alone, trying hard not to think

For when i do, my thoughts ignite

And my head pounds and burns

from the effort it takes when

trying to figure you out


I lose my footing and the ground shakes

when i don’t know where i stand

My stomach and my heart ache

when i feel like i’m losing you

and i lose myself too


It’s that sickening feeling you get

When you’re guilty or scared

When you’re nervous or excited

When you’re waiting for something

but you don’t know what


Hunched over, holding myself

The muscles in my shoulders tighten

They ache, sympathy pains i guess

My whole body knows something

that my heart doesn’t


No contact from you, no replies to my efforts

or answers to my many questions

No apologies or goodbyes- not yet

instead i am left to wait and guess


Will you ever tell me? is there anything really wrong?

perhaps i’m paranoid, neurotic, pathetic

if i am then tell me what is the appeal

if not, tell me what’s wrong

I’m burning up trying to figure it out