I steal a kiss

by BreakNeckPrincess

Under the burning stars, i’m burning

Waiting for you to pull me close

Hold onto me the way i need you to

I want it so much, i ache


Your lips pout and pillow

As you whisper songs to me

Goosebumps tickle my skin

My knees, barely hold me


In this light, i can’t see your eyes

But i know them by heart

Brown like the earth

or coffee in the morning (bittersweet)


I step forward, dizzy from my empty glass

You catch me, by my elbow

You smile and laugh

You catch me


I am a careful soul

I hardly move, yet you move me

I sway under the weight of your stare

I catch my breath


I feel daring, bold as love

I rise on the balls of my feet

I catch your bottom lip in mine

You taste like cigarettes and liquorice


You pull back, there’s surprise in your smile 

I grin, giddy with my new found confidence

We kiss again…and again

The night goes so quickly in your arms