Breakneck Princess

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Month: September, 2013

I steal a kiss

Under the burning stars, i’m burning

Waiting for you to pull me close

Hold onto me the way i need you to

I want it so much, i ache


Your lips pout and pillow

As you whisper songs to me

Goosebumps tickle my skin

My knees, barely hold me


In this light, i can’t see your eyes

But i know them by heart

Brown like the earth

or coffee in the morning (bittersweet)


I step forward, dizzy from my empty glass

You catch me, by my elbow

You smile and laugh

You catch me


I am a careful soul

I hardly move, yet you move me

I sway under the weight of your stare

I catch my breath


I feel daring, bold as love

I rise on the balls of my feet

I catch your bottom lip in mine

You taste like cigarettes and liquorice


You pull back, there’s surprise in your smile 

I grin, giddy with my new found confidence

We kiss again…and again

The night goes so quickly in your arms






There’s a time for “goodbye”

All this time

I sat by your side

watching the world pass by


We watched windmills turn

As we sat, ate and laughed

You held my hand, my skin turned pink


We watched the stars burn

In the night, as we led awake

i kept you warm, when you fell asleep


We watched sunrises, sunsets

We saw friends grow taller and wiser

Watched as they wed


All this time

I sat by your side

watching the world pass by


But i’ve got this urge to move

I think i need to leave

Promise me this… don’t just watch me.