Breakneck Princess

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Month: August, 2013


Tonight, i looked up at the sky

the moon was burning bright

yellow and orange like flames

had bitten the lonely island


That night i saw you leave

your eyes changed colour

as your tears dried, faster than mine

you said goodbye


Tonight i looked up at the sky

the sight set my heart alight

your picture in the stars

burning bright


For how long do stars burn?

The walls were on fire

Bodies were pushed against brick

the candles  beginning to burn out

shadows flooded the hallway


Waves crashed against the building

it was the wind, forcing us together

the trees abandoning their post

blessing us with privacy as we left


I took your hand and lead us

into the street, into the night

i continued to walk, stealing glances

of our reflection in windows


I caught your wrist and felt your pulse

throbbing beneath my touch

i felt your need in that moment

it was like i could hear your thoughts


When you smiled, inviting me in

I felt my own heart leap

Never before had i let desire

become my drive, my only focus


Pulling you in, tasting your smile

I gave myself to you in that moment

I had dreamt of flying for so long

And i did, on your arm


It is hard to return to the ground

when you have been caressed by the clouds

but i did, when you left

and i regret nothing


For now i see the stars in many colours

i know their names and faces

and i miss your face and songs

but i see you in the stars too


Stars burn for a long, long time

and when they fall- we all watch in awe

From hang-out to hang-over

Red velvet

soft, sharp liquid

a bittersweet taste


Lipstick smeared

rouge stained skin

swollen lips from kissing


a blush spreading

blooming like open flowers

across bare skin


the audience watching

holding their breath

with every kiss

with every touch


a new-found lust

an unmoving desire

a reluctant farewell


the tap of heels

unsteady on stone floors

oblivious to the stares


clenched fist

bitten lips

heavy-lidded eyes

fast goodbyes


morning comes

daylight stings

the body aches

memories fade

A summer love; a sudden storm

He fell for her in the summer heat,

he chased after her in fall

When winter came it froze everything

but he chased her ’til spring

The clouds were heavy on his back,

a storm was on its way

But with hope in his heart and

his heart on his sleeve

He braved the rain again

She said “boy, i love you too

From fall and right on through

But i can’t explain this urge for running away

And you can’t keep running too”

She liked the way his hair looked wet

When they’d been dancing in the rain

She loved him for his smile

When he was smiling at her

But that didn’t change a thing

She said “boy, i love you too

From fall and right on through

But i can’t explain this urge for running away

And you can’t keep running too”

Chasing a dream

Deeper and deeper, i fall

In love with someone who’s

In love with a song

That he wrote for her

That he sang underneath the stars

That he wrote for her…


The rain comes

Tumbling down on us

The path is unclear

I watch you; 

you’re walking away from me

Chasing a dream

¿Cómo te llamas?/What’s your name?

The night arrives and the air is thick

with lewd lyrics and a stead beat,

with heat and salt and sweat

and the floor is sticky from drinks spilled


The scant light provided

outlines shadows and silhouettes

which dance across the walls and floors

like spilled ink on wet paper

staining the night with sex


Bodies move together with slick skin

pressed against one another

Strangers until the first dance

Lovers until their last


Tongues snake behind teeth

lips moving along with lyrics

over bare necks and in their partners ears

whispering prayers and promises


Hands wander over naked skin and damp clothing

catching their partners wrists, pulling them in

stroking their throbbing pulse

exciting their already flaming desire


“¿Cómo te llamas?” what is your name

the words are lost in the music

the dancing continues unperturbed

any introductions forgotten or lost

in the heat

Do you know me?

Placed together, you and I

I didn’t know

I didn’t know


Caught together, you and I

Don’t let me go

Don’t let me go


Surrounded by pastel lights;

You and I, You and I

The colours throb and glow

I didn’t know


My hands grasp at empty air

I let you go

I let you go


I didn’t know

Sleeping alone

Who will sing me lullabies?

Who will kiss my sleepy eyes?

Who will stay, turn out the lights,

And sleep by my side?

Will i wake and see your face?

Or will there be an empty space-

where you laid,

Will you come back to me

Before i dream again


I anticipate autumn.

The season where the world breathes its last breath in the form of gold and russet hues;

where leaves dance on the pavement when the wind passes through.

The time, full of life, just before winter moves towards us, slowly, in time to grip the world with cold.

Beautiful and white is winter; the stillness left behind after the raging autumn fires.


Our balcony is ‘bella’; aged umber shutters open wide and reveal the proud Italians behind them. Their balconies are full of colour and character. Yellowing towels hang out to dry and mothers rock their babies whilst humming sweet, high notes. One balcony belongs to an impassioned couple, their rapid Italian sounds hot and angry- a lovers tiff? Another balcony remains a stranger, it’s introvert shutters blushing a sun-washed pink. The shutters of said balcony never open, ambient light turns on and off throughout the nigh revealing long silhouettes and nothing more. This apartment block had a life of its own in Roma, capturing the city’s complicated personality. Roma by day is an open armed, eager family ready to welcome you in, By night, she becomes a much pursued siren; found in the beds of every man and in the shadowed corners of every street. Always gone by morning.