Breakneck Princess

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Month: July, 2013


My bearded friend, Jamie Brewer has some pretty talented hands folks (not in that way you filthy minded bastards).

Jamie is a Preston based musician with a beard to envy and an incredible talent.

This is Jamie’s fantastic new video for his awesome track ‘Songbird’! it was released yesterday and already has over 1200 views! There’s no stopping him now.

This video emulates everything that Jamie is as a musician; fierce, passionate, complicated and fun. We love him, so should you.


Memoirs of a Pedestrian

‘they who suffer little may be proud and independent as they like – may resist insult, or return mortification – but I cannot. I must feel – I must be wretched – and they are welcome to enjoy the consciousness of it that can’

– Jane Austen

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It wouldn’t be a lie if i told you- i was missing you..

What do you do when you’re not ready to say goodbye forever? But you’re not strong enough to hold on to all of those broken pieces anymore?
I feel sick and confused and my head and heart both hurt. I miss slowing down and watching movies, eating crap and kissing. I miss waking up next to you and the smell of your skin.

I want my friends and my family, and i want days where it’s just me and my thoughts alone.

I’m sorry i’m so complicated.
I’m sorry that i don’t have all of the answers.
I’m sorry i wasn’t good enough.

Most of all, selfishly, i’m sorry i can’t have all of those things together.

Triple Threat Trouble Maker

We’ve all heard that bad news/events come in threes, right? Unfortunately, in less than 24 hours, i’m starting to believe it to be true…

Disaster numero uno:  Last night a very close friend and i had an argument over something that hasn’t even happened yet. I messed up, again, and this time ‘i’m sorry’ isn’t enough to pacify him.

Lesson number 2: *is late for work* (by nearly 2 hours! Jeesh!) Again, in a desperate attempt to rekindle my social life and some old friendships, i stayed up far too late. I didn’t hear my alarm (and i had set three!) After a hot phone call from my supervisor, i walked into work with my head ducked hoping to hide the fact that i was glowing scarlet.

The sweet finale to my trio of fortunate events: My plans for Italy have been compromised. Financially. Shit. I was supposed to have *at least* £500 in my account for my much anticipated food-drink-sun-sleep-opera-gelato-architectural paradise. In fact, i have none, nothing and nada. Double shit.

Oh, and my flight is in three days.


Stop being a bitch, go to bed earlier and sort your shit out!

One of those nights..

If my heart were a compass...

“Dad, do you think there’s people on other planets?”

“I don’t know, Sparks. But I guess I’d say if it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space.”
-The Contact

Looking from the outside in

The gap between us,
is less than a breath,
but still you are oblivious,
being this close, is close to death

With the slow stop and start,
of a simple objection,
just my heart,
hides for its own protection

People around us,
comment on our actions,
they are oblivious,
to my wishful intentions

Whilst you sleep..

I’ve written songs in the dark and learned to love the night.

I stayed awake to watch the moon turn in to burning light.

Insomnia is the demon for the sleep deprived and restless.

As the world falls in to calm, sleep aggravates my senses.

I yearn to kiss my pillow case and dream the night away.

But instead, i’ll watch the stars as I sit and wait for day.

Salt I

In an air as cold as you

How can one stay warm?

Bare hands closed, grasping fire

Careless to the harm

Each breath exhaled, creates a mist

To help conceal your lies

But i still see, for i’m no stranger,

The hurt within your eyes