Breakneck Princess

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

My Heart Out at Sea- unfinished

I want to see sunsets
I want to see the world on fire
My heart is like a compass
Every city is my desire

I’m okay to take the long road
I want to go the long way home
If i travel til’i’m older
Every year will be what i want it to be
and what i wanted to see

I’m with you baby
But my heart is accross the sea
I’m holding tightly,
but these covers don’t comfort me
I’m stuck in another dream
Beautiful, you and me
I’m stuck with an urge to leave
My soul is calling me to run,
I hope you can forgive me


Honestly, I’m a liar

Clean white sheets

Apple scented shampoo

A laugh that’s full and loud

That’s me, when i’m with you

A sad, nostalgic smile

Hair scraped back in to a bun

Finger nails bitten down

Missed calls from my mum

My thoughts are interrupted

by your lazy, knowing smile.

You pry a book from my hands

you steal kisses for a while

A gentle distraction

your hands, your  jaw, your lips

I think i could be happy,

if this is truly how it is

My nightmares remind me

of the bruises i have bear

I wake and i find you

in sleep, unaware

Do you know

how heavy my heart is?

Your touch lingers

everywhere else

I can’t find strength to tell you

My laughter has an echo

There’s someone just like me

Hidden in my shadow

Through my fault

I can’t reach her

Maybe you can fill

The emptiness she left

Safety in Numbers

My heart races

When you smile

When you laugh

When you say my name

You make me cry

You make me wild

You make me nervous

You drive me insane

Your lips make me tremble

Your sighs make me wet

Every inch of me is sensitive

Beneath your fingertips

Night time seems longer

Wrapped up, skin on skin

My dreams are sweeter

When you’re featured in

I find your eyes when i wake

A gorgeous morning grace

I fall back to sleep


Feeling Blessed

I am thrilled to announce that i have  received the “Versatile Blogger” Award from a new blogger-friend  Morgan. I am  flattered that she chose to include me in her nominations for two reasons; I am very new to and my posts are often infrequent (i will try my very best to change this!). I am mostly flattered, however, because Morgan’s own blog is so beautiful and full of life that i really couldn’t compare. Please take a moment to read a few pieces of her work, you can thank me later!


Rules to the Award—

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
  • Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.
  • Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.








That’s it for now, I’m not online often so I’ve not had much time to scope out all of the incredible talent out there… so feel free to share a link with me to one of your favourite bloggers.


7 Things About Me:

1. When I’m writing, I’m usually on a train. I find long train journeys really tranquil.

2. I work in an amazing, dusty  bookstore and spend my days reading, laughing and smoothing the pages of old books.

3. Norah Jones is my favourite singer i just love her voice.

4. I speak Italian and french  and can’t decide which language i prefer!

5. I long to travel the world… I’m planning to do so around 2016 (by when i should have saved enough money and my dad’s second little monster will be old enough that i won’t feel guilty about leaving)

6. I bake when I’m anxious- my raspberry shortbread is the bee’s knees.

7. I am the corniest person ever and I’m a sucker for a cheesy line.


Thank you for reading my blog- I love reading your comments, praise and advice.

Bedtime Stories

Did your daddy ever tell you to

“Watch out for the wolves”?

They’re watching you,

everywhere you walk.


Don’t you know the sky has

eyes all over the place?

You’re not in the spotlight,

you’re in question.


Watch out, watch out!

The demons are on their way

Like moths to a flame

Welcome to The Hunger Games



Going through the motions



















Sharing your bed

Shadows dance across your cheeks as you sleep

blue and lilac flowers bloom under your eyes

and a few stray curls cling to your brow

the night becomes you


There is no moon tonight- or maybe there is

i turn and face your own light, skin so white

as if a fire burns inside, igniting your bones

my own bones ache as i stare


i find myself awake again and again

i want you more in the night, in the dark

even my sleeping self cannot help but watch

as your chest rises and falls







I’m sitting alone, trying hard not to think

For when i do, my thoughts ignite

And my head pounds and burns

from the effort it takes when

trying to figure you out


I lose my footing and the ground shakes

when i don’t know where i stand

My stomach and my heart ache

when i feel like i’m losing you

and i lose myself too


It’s that sickening feeling you get

When you’re guilty or scared

When you’re nervous or excited

When you’re waiting for something

but you don’t know what


Hunched over, holding myself

The muscles in my shoulders tighten

They ache, sympathy pains i guess

My whole body knows something

that my heart doesn’t


No contact from you, no replies to my efforts

or answers to my many questions

No apologies or goodbyes- not yet

instead i am left to wait and guess


Will you ever tell me? is there anything really wrong?

perhaps i’m paranoid, neurotic, pathetic

if i am then tell me what is the appeal

if not, tell me what’s wrong

I’m burning up trying to figure it out







I steal a kiss

Under the burning stars, i’m burning

Waiting for you to pull me close

Hold onto me the way i need you to

I want it so much, i ache


Your lips pout and pillow

As you whisper songs to me

Goosebumps tickle my skin

My knees, barely hold me


In this light, i can’t see your eyes

But i know them by heart

Brown like the earth

or coffee in the morning (bittersweet)


I step forward, dizzy from my empty glass

You catch me, by my elbow

You smile and laugh

You catch me


I am a careful soul

I hardly move, yet you move me

I sway under the weight of your stare

I catch my breath


I feel daring, bold as love

I rise on the balls of my feet

I catch your bottom lip in mine

You taste like cigarettes and liquorice


You pull back, there’s surprise in your smile 

I grin, giddy with my new found confidence

We kiss again…and again

The night goes so quickly in your arms





There’s a time for “goodbye”

All this time

I sat by your side

watching the world pass by


We watched windmills turn

As we sat, ate and laughed

You held my hand, my skin turned pink


We watched the stars burn

In the night, as we led awake

i kept you warm, when you fell asleep


We watched sunrises, sunsets

We saw friends grow taller and wiser

Watched as they wed


All this time

I sat by your side

watching the world pass by


But i’ve got this urge to move

I think i need to leave

Promise me this… don’t just watch me.